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Numerical Mathematics

Tác giả: Alfio Quarteroni, Riccardo Sacco, Fausto Saleri
Loại tài liệu: Sách điện tử
Nội dung tóm tắt: Xem chi tiết
Numerical mathematics proposes, develops, analyzes and applies methods from scientific computing to several fields including analysis, linear algebra, geometry, approximation theory, functional equations, optimization and differential equations. This book provides the mathematical foundations of numerical methods and demonstrate their performance on examples, exercises and real-life applications. This is done using the MATLAB software environment, which allows an easy implementation and testing of the algorithms for any specific class of problems. The book is addressed to students in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences. The attention to applications and software development makes it valuable also for users in a wide variety of professional fields. In this second edition, the readability of pictures, tables and program headings has been improved. Several changes in the chapters on iterative methods and on polynomial approximation have also been added.

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Thông tin chi tiết

Dạng tài liệu: Bản điện tử
Tác giả: Alfio Quarteroni, Riccardo Sacco, Fausto Saleri
Nhà xuất bản: Springer
Năm xuất bản: 2007
Mô tả vật lý:
Từ khóa: Analysis, MATLAB, Numerical integration, algorithm, algorithms, numerical analysis, numerical methods

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