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Chan Man Fong, C.f. , De Kee, D.




Tác giả: Chan Man Fong, C.f. , De Kee, D.
Loại tài liệu: Sách, chuyên khảo, tuyển tập
Ký hiệu: Lv4782
Mã giá: 00FO
Nội dung tóm tắt: Xem chi tiết
This is a mathematical text suitable for students of engineering and science who are at the third year undergraduate level or beyond. It is a book of applicable mathematics. It avoids the approach of listing only the techniques, followed by a few examples, without explaining why the techniques work. Thus, it provides not only the know-how but also the know-why. Equally, the text has not been written as a book of pure mathematics with a list of theorems followed by their proofs. The authors' aim is to help students develop an understanding of mathematics and its applications. They have refrained from using clichộs like it is obvious and it can be shown, which may be true only to a mature mathematician. On the whole, the authors have been generous in writing down all the steps in solving the example problems. The book comprises ten chapters. Each chapter contains several solved problems clarifying the introduced concepts. Some of the examples are taken from the recent literature and serve to illustrate the applications in various fields of engineering and science. At the end of each chapter, there are assignment problems with two levels of difficulty. A list of references is provided at the end of the book. This book is the product of a close collaboration between two mathematicians and an engineer. The engineer has been helpful in pinpointing the problems which engineering students encounter in books written by mathematicians.
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Chapter 1. Review of Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations Chapter 2. Series Solutions and Special Functions Chapter 3. Complex Variables Chapter 4. Vector and Tensor Analysis Chapter 5. Partial Differential Equations I Chapter 6. Partial Differential Equations II Chapter 7. Numerical Methods Chapter 8. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Chapter 9. Calculus of Variations Chapter 10 Special Topics

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    Dạng tài liệu:Bản in
    Ngôn ngữ:eng
    Mã giá:00FO
    Mã MSC:Đang cập nhật ...
    Tác giả:Chan Man Fong, C.f, De Kee, D, Kaloni, P.n
    Xuất bản, phát hành:H : London,.. , 2003
    Số trang:880

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