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Lectures on the theory of algebraic numbers,

Tác giả: Erich Hecke
Loại tài liệu: Sách, chuyên khảo, tuyển tập
Ký hiệu: Lv1241
Mã giá: 12HE
Nội dung tóm tắt: Xem chi tiết
... if one wants to make progress in mathematics one should study the masters not the pupils. N. H. Abel Heeke was certainly one of the masters, and in fact, the study of Heeke L­ series and Heeke operators has permanently embedded his name in the fabric of number theory. It is a rare occurrence when a master writes a basic book, and Heeke's Lectures on the Theory of Algebraic Numbers has become a classic. To quote another master, Andre Weil: To improve upon Heeke, in a treatment along classical lines of the theory of algebraic numbers, would be a futile and impossible task. We have tried to remain as close as possible to the original text in pre­ serving Heeke's rich, informal style of exposition. In a very few instances we have substituted modern terminology for Heeke's, e. g. , torsion free group for pure group. One problem for a student is the lack of exercises in the book.
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Chapter 1. Elements of Rational Number Theory; Chapter 2. Abelian Groups Chapter 3. Abelian Groups in Rational Number Theory Chapter 4. Algebra of Number Fields Chapter 5. General Arithmetic of Algebraic Number Fields Chapter 6. Introduction of Transcendental Methods into the Arithmetic of Number Fields Chapter 7. The Quadratic Number Field Chapter 8. The Law of Quadractic Reciprocity in Arbitrary Number Fields

Thông tin chi tiết

    Dạng tài liệu:Bản in
    Chỉ số ISBN:0-387-90595-2
    Ngôn ngữ:Eng
    Mã giá:12HE
    Mã MSC:01A75 , 12-01
    Tác giả:Erich Hecke
    Nhan đề:Lectures on the theory of algebraic numbers, / 77
    Số trang: 251
    Từ Khóa:Algebraische Zahlentheorie , number theory , Numbers , Algebraic
    Bộ sách: Graduate Texts in Mathematics

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  • ĐKCB: Lv1241
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