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Symbolic asymptotics

Shackell, John R.



Symbolic asymptotics

Tác giả: Shackell, John R.
Loại tài liệu: Sách, chuyên khảo, tuyển tập
Ký hiệu: Lv4367
Mã giá: 68SH
Nội dung tóm tắt: Xem chi tiết
Symbolic asymptotics has recently undergone considerable theoretical development, especially in areas where power series are no longer an appropriate tool. Implementation is beginning to follow. The present book, written by one of the leading specialists in the area, is currently the only one to treat this part of symbolic asymptotics. It contains a good deal of interesting material in a new, developing field of mathematics at the intersection of algebra, analysis and computing, presented in a lively and readable way. The associated areas of zero equivalence and Hardy fields are also covered. The book is intended to be accessible to anyone with a good general background in mathematics, but it nonetheless gets right to the cutting edge of active research. Some results appear here for the first time, while others have hitherto only been given in preprints. Due to its clear presentation, this book is interesting for a broad audience of mathematicians and theoretical computer scientists.
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1. Introduction 2. Zero Equivalence 3. Hardy Fields 4. Output Data Structures 5. Algorithms for Function Towers 6. Algebraic Differential Equations 7. Inverse Functions 8. Implicit Functions 9. Star-Product Expansions 10. Oscillating Functions

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    Dạng tài liệu:Bản in
    Chỉ số ISBN:3-540-21097-0
    Ngôn ngữ:eng
    Mã giá:68SH
    Mã MSC:Đang cập nhật ...
    Tác giả:Shackell, John R
    Nhan đề:Symbolic asymptotics
    Lần xuất bản:1
    Xuất bản, phát hành:H : Berlin , 2004
    Số trang:243;
    Kích thước:19x24
    Từ Khóa:algorithms , asymptotic expansions
    Bộ sách:Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics, 12

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