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10 perspectives on innovation in education

Casas, Jimmy ; editor.

10 perspectives on innovation in education

Tác giả: Casas, Jimmy ; editor.
Loại tài liệu: Sách, chuyên khảo, tuyển tập
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How do the best educators make a difference in their school or classroom? In this new series launching from the innovative What Great Educators Do Differently conference, ten of education's most inspiring thought-leaders come together to bring you their top suggestions you need right now to improve your school or classroom. You'll hear from experts Jeff Zoul, Joe Mazza, Tom Murray, Joe Sanfelippo, Bob Dillon, Amber Teamann, Kayla Delzer, Sanee Bell, Tony Sinanis, and Starr Sackstein. A new book will be published each year and will contain ten quick, reader-friendly chapters on timely topics, appropriate for educators at all levels- ; Provided by publisher.
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Innovative professional learning / Jeffrey Zoul -- Innovative ways to impact school culture / Todd Whitaker -- Innovating our hiring practices / Jimmy Casas -- Innovative learning spaces / Thomas C. Murray -- Innovative assessment that amplifies student voice / Starr Sackstein -- Innovating the math classroom / Kirk Humphreys -- Librarians...true champions and leaders of innovation! / Shannon McClintock Miller -- Sparking innovation from failure / Katrina Keene -- Innovating personal skill development / Dwight Carter -- Taking risks and pushing boundaries / Lavonna Roth.

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    Dạng tài liệu:Bản in
    Chỉ số ISBN:9781138598829 (hardback)
    Mã giá:371.2/0 ; 23
    Mã MSC:Đang cập nhật ...
    Tác giả:Casas, Jimmy, Whitaker, Todd, Zoul, Jeffrey
    Nhan đề:10 perspectives on innovation in education / edited by Jimmy Casas, Todd Whitaker, and Jeffrey Zoul.
    Số trang:pages cm

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